X-Tend Retardant

Product Info

What is X-tend Retardant?

A retarding agent that will extend the initial working and final set time of Xcel overlayments. Formulated for hot weather installations to provide more working time to get professional results.

What does X-tend Retardant do?

Predictable and consistent set time in hot weather; allows you to apply Xcel overlayments even during the hottest days.

An affordable additive, just pennies per square foot makes for a wise investment

Reduces surprise set-ups, wasted materials and costly reworks.

Increases overlay strength

Added durability for long life and fewer warranty calls.

Easy to use

Convenient, 1 gallon resealable bottle is easy to handle and pour.

For more information, refer to the Xcel Surfaces Installation Manual or call 800.644.9131

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