What is Fast-Patch Concrete Repair?

Product Info

An innovative two-part, polymer modified cement patching material. Part A is our proven Xcel Acrylic Additive. Part B is Fast Patch Mortar. When the two are mixed they create a remarkably strong concrete repair material. This easy to use product will become your favorite patching material for filling areas up to ¾” deep on any clean concrete surface.

What does Fast-Patch Concrete Repair do?

Fills and repairs horizontal, vertical, even overhead surfaces; our stay-in-place formula has low slump and is designed for easy use. Cracks, holes, chips and badly damaged surfaces can be quickly repaired with professional results.

Waterpoof for interior or exterior use

This versatile material is great for inside and outside concrete repairs. Although it is not intended to be used as a vapor barrier, it has excellent waterproof performance in the wettest repair locations…even swimming pools.

Quick drying superior strength formula

Dries within 15-30 minutes to let you get on with the rest of the job quickly.


Approximately 850 cubic inches per 50 pounds
*May vary depending on surface texture and porosity

For more information, refer to the Xcel Surfaces Installation Manual or call 800.644.9131

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