Industrial Coatings

The table below summarizes the range of exceptional Industrial Coatings products from Xcel Surfaces. Click on an individual product name to view more details about that product, including material safety data and color choices, where applicable.

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Product Name Description Features/Benefits Coverage* Tools
Aqua Epoxy Coat A two-component, waterborne 100% epoxy coating Designed for high performance uses where hardness, chemical and abrasion resistance are required. Excellent for use in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Product formulation provides ease of use without compromising durability. 200-350 square feet per kit (1 kit= 1 1/2 gallons) Scrub brush, 3500 psi pressure washer, roller (thin nap) and frame, handle extension, drill, mixing paddle, stir sticks, bucket

* May vary depending on surface texture and porosity.