For 2011 we have some new & exciting products.

Acid Stains

create a unique look giving concrete visual character which cannot be achieved by using a conventional polymer or pigment type stain. When placed on a cementious surface, the single component coloring solution of acidic metallic ion particles (acid stain), chemically react with the particles in the cement (free alkali) to form oxides. Typical paint or coating stains cover up the concrete, while chemical stains infuse the color into the surface to become permanent part of the substrate which will not crack, chip, fade or peel. The resulting effect creates a translucent, variegated effect, showcasing the character of the substrate. Depending upon the cement content, age, porosity and manner in which hydration took place, the chemical stain will react differently every time. These variables cause broad drifts in color and mottled surface effects which are not considered defects; they are the reason for its inherent beauty.


Acrythane is a two component, low viscosity acrylic urethane. It is used as a primer/sealer over a variety of surfaces. Acrythane is U.V. stable for use in exterior applications, cures rapidly and is easily recoated with both solvent-based and water based polyurethanes. When used as a finish coat, this material gives a hard, high gloss surface that offers excellent stain resistance and cleanability. Acrythane can also be used as a tie over difficult to adhere to surfaces such as polyester urethane and solvent base acrylic sealers.

Versa Tique

Cementitous Antiquing Product is a versatile coloring agent that can be easily applied and will hold fast to any textured concrete surface. Versa Tique is sold as a powder, but is designed to be mixed with water and applied as a liquid wash coat. Versa Tique can be used to revitalize a weathered concrete surface or add an antique color to a freshly textured surface. It goes on quickly and easily and can be removed readily for greater control of the coloring process.